May 2013

Holy Friday 3rd

Limnakaro Plateau

Leader: Anna Papadaki • Hiking time: 3hrs • Difficulty rating: 1

Starting from Koudoumalia village on Lassithi Plateau, at 900m, we follow the trail up to Limnakaro Plateau, at 1150m. There we will take part in the decoration of Epitaphios, (= Christ’s Tomb) in the small church of Agio Pnevma, according to the customs. We follow the same route back to Lassithi Plateau. This route is easy and suitable for children.

Sunday 5th

Greek-Orthodox Easter

No hikes planned

Sunday 12th

A. Fodele Castles

Leader: Spyros Kalemakis • Hiking time: 5 hrs • Difficulty rating: 1

We hike up and down three hills in Fodele area, each of which is about 400m high and offers great views over the sea and the peaks around. On our way we meet castles built during the Turkish occupation in order to control the passages of the area. Our hike ends in Fodele village, at 60m.

Β. Ethia – Analipsi peak FOR CHILDREN

Leader: Anna Papadaki • Hiking time: 3 hrs • Difficulty rating: 1

From the village of Ethia, in the eastern Asteroussia Mountains, at 740m, we go up along a dirt road to Analipsi peak, at 909m. From there we can enjoy a magnificent view over the plain of Messara and the Asteroussia Mountains.


Orino Gorge

Leader: Manoussos Poulinakis • Hiking time: 5 hrs • Difficulty rating: 1

Orino Gorge is rich vegetated and quite beautiful. It is also called the Gorge with the red butterflies, due to the red butterflies that dart from the bushes and flowers. Unfortunately their number has been reduced significantly in the recent years. We start our hike from Orino village and pass by waterfalls, which unfortunately are usually dry in summertime. We end in Koutsouras and go swimming at the beach there.


Aradena Gorge – Loutro – Sfakia

Leader: Erie Antaloudaki  Hiking time: 4+3 hrs • Difficulty rating: 1+1

On Saturday morning set off to the deserted village of Aradena in Sfakia area at 600m. From there we start crossing Aradena Gorge down to Aspra Marmara beach where we can have a swim. Then we follow the European Trail E4 along the coastline to the west until Finikas beach, where we spend the night in rooms or tents. On Sunday we continue along E4, past the picturesque village of Loutro, then to Glyka Nera beach for a great swim and eventually we finish near Chora Sfakion.

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