The club

The Mountaineering Club of Heraklion, member of the Greek Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, was founded in 1932.

Since then, with a pause only during the years of the Nazi occupation, the Club has been consistently organizing trips for its members in Crete, Greece, Europe and all over the world. In the beginning nearly all hikes were exploratory, as there were no marked trails or GPS devices then. One should love mountains and nature to get involved in the adventure. The participation of women in mountaineering was remarkable but also young, nature-loving photographers came up.

Climbing up on Mt Psiloritis was a remarkable achievement at that time, because it used to take three whole days. So the brave mountaineers who managed to climb up to the highest peak, Timios Stavros, at 2,456 m, used to get a special certificate and a medal. The first winter ascent was made possible on 6th-8th January 1967 by 5 bold mountaineers.

Nowadays, the Mountaineering Club of Heraklion deals with mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing and mountain skiing. Many rock climbing and winter mountaineering training courses are organized and many expeditions abroad are supported. It also owns the Prinos Refuge on the eastern part of Mt Psiloritis, at 1100 m.

Trips and hikes are organized every Sunday and you can find the program here.

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