Refuge Rules

The refuge’s operation is coordinated by a special regulation and the person responsible for it’s operation is a member of the board titled “Refuge Superintendent”.

The refuge is our house while on the mountain and should always be in the condition we would like it to be when we ascend.

Following the rules below is mandatory for all guests.

During our stay at the refuge:

  • We respect others, watch our manners and do not disturb.
  • We respect and keep clean all refuge areas.
  • We follow the instructions of the refuge manager.
  • Entrance to people carrying weapons or explosives is prohibited.
    People who ask for shelter during quiet hours, without prior notice, will not be allowed to enter unless it’s an emergency.
    Pets are not allowed inside.
  • We save water and energy; Water, gas, firewood and oil are hard to carry to the shelter and are a great expense for the club.
  • We sort our trash; organic can be scattered as food for the goatsheep, packaging will be carried back to the city for recycling, paper or wood can be burnt in the fireplaces.
  • We do not smoke indoors. They who smoke outside should make sure their cigarettes are well put out and should not throw out the cigarette butt.
  • We don’t walk indoors wearing shoes or boots. You can wear slippers, available at the refuge entry hall.
  • We only go to the dorms to rest and sleep and we never carry or consume food.
  • We respect the time of obligatory silence: 23.00 if a hike is planned for the next day, 24.00 if not.
  • We use the kitchen to cook food for a group, not for a single person.
  • We consume alcohol moderately.
  • We avoid fighting, yelling, cursing and listening to loud music.
  • Using machinery, tools or appliances of the shelter is ONLY allowed to people who know how to use them and AFTER receiving permission from the manager or leader.
  • In case of early departure due to bad weather we have to inform the refuge manager.
  • We don’t forget to pay the accommodation fees before departing.
  • When we leave, we make sure the refuge is tidy, clean, secure and in a better condition than before.
Enjoy your stay!
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