What you must know in order to participate in our hikes:

  • Participants have to be members of the Mountaineering Club, or members of their family (parents – offsprings).
  • The Club is not responsible for accidents caused by participants’ fault.
  • The leader of each hike has the right to refuse participation for safety reasons.
  • The hike schedule can be adjusted depending on the weather conditions, hike difficulty and the participants’ abilities.
  • The hiking hours are approximate, according to the average hiking pace and refer to the total hike (ascend and descend). Stops and breaks are not included.
  • Information is given by the leader from Monday to Thursday before the hike, from 20.30 to 22.30, at the Club’s quarters.
  • Registrations to hikes are possible until Thursday by 22:30.
  • Cancellations of participation are accepted until Thursday by 22:00.
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