How to get there

WGS84 CoordinatesN35° 11.000′ E24° 58.170′

To reach the refuge we suggest two different hiking routes: a one hour and 10 minutes hike through the E4 path departing from Ano Asites Village, and a 25 minute hike through a well marked path starting from Kserokampos location, in Kato Asites.

Through the Ε4 path

After arriving in Ano Asites, on the main road of the village, you’ll see a sign (N35°11.52180′ E24°59.86200′) pointing to the Gorge of St. Charalampos.


Follow the arrow but do NOT continue all the way to the gorge, instead follow the E4 signs and the yellow arrows.

The refuge is visible on the slope to the left.

The distance you will have to walk (starting from the point where the paved road ends) is about 2km with a difference in altitude of 400m.

From Kserokampos

While in the village Kato Asites, follow the signs located at various places pointing to Gorgolaini Monastery (N35°12.39036′ E24°59.38254′).

After you reach the monastery, keep moving on the same road for about 1.5km until you reach a branch (N35°12.45360′ E24°58.78200′) where a sign directs you to the refuge. Shortly the paved road turns into a dirt road, but a normal car can manage, if the driver is experienced.

We keep on driving on the dirt road. At some points there might be temporary fences blocking our way. They have been placed to confine the herd animals grazing in the area. We can open them and pass, as long as we close them again!

If at some point of the dirt road you meet a branch, choose the uphill part. Don’t forget that the refuge is at 1080m altitude.

After about 4.5km, you reach the location called Kserokampos (N35°11.51100′ E24°58.45080′) where there is a small distinctive chapel. There, a sign is pointing to the start of the path. The path is 1160m long with a difference in altitude of 113m. It is marked with red spots and arrows every few meters.

Whichever of the two routes you choose, although they are very easy, don’t forget that you are hiking on a rocky mountain and you should be carefull: focus on the path and your destination, don’t rush, start early, carry water, snacks, a flashlight and wear proper clothes and shoes.

Finally, don’t forget to contact the club before you start to check for availability.

Have a nice hike and a pleasant stay!

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