The refuge’s story

The Prinos refuge
The “Prinos” refuge

The site (concessed by the community of “Ano Asites”) was chosen after a long survey in 1961-1962 and the construction was quite painful, considering it wasn’t, and still isn’t, accessible by automobile. Many members of the club contributed to the construction with personal work, while the late Christodoulakis Andreas stayed on the mountain for three months, overseeing the work.

Inaugurated on 29th of October 1967, in it’s initial form had a capacity of 14. After expansion and renovation in 1991 at the initiative of former president N. Metaxakis, it is now able to accomodate 30 persons for overnight stay. Attempts of reforestation of the surrounding area have failed because of the herd animals grazing in the area. Nowdays the refuge hosts more than 400 visitors a year.

Thank you note of the president of the Club, Mr. I Serpetsidaki on 29/10/1967

With the hope that this building will be the warm nest of inpiration for mountaineering ideals and the roof of most good intentions of our mountaineers, I wish all our dreams become true, as this dream of many years.

I thank warmly all my dear colleagues who have contributed to creating this project, from the conception of the idea, until the completion of it.

I specially thank the members of the Board, from the foundations until the project’s inauguration, and the members that, with their support, comprised the most serious factor of finishing the building.

Most of all, I specially thank our beloved colleague Mr. Michael Economou who most than any other embraced the idea of the refuge and provided profusely his assistance, becoming the director of the whole intensive effort.

I. M. Serpetsidakis 29.10.1967

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