Mt Psiloritis Peak

Sunday, August 5th, 2019

An ascent on the highest peak of Crete, Timios Stavros, at 2,456m a.s.l. on Mt Psiloritis.

We start our hike from a place called Lakkos Mygerou, at 1700m, on the northern side of Mt Psiloritis (or Mt Ida). We follow an up going, stone-built, well-marked trail that in two hours meets the E4 European trail. Following it we reach the highest peak, Timios Stavros, which offers a panoramic view all over the island.

We return following the same route.

Track length: 9,5 km

Leader: Zoumboulia Volonaki  •  Hiking Hours: 7  •  Difficulty Rate: 3

Departure: 07.00 from the Archaeological Museum.

Information – Registration: Monday to Friday, 20.30 – 22.30, at the Mountaineering Club Office, 53 Dikeosynis st, telephone number: 2810-227609.

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