b. Omalos – Linoseli – Omalos

Sunday 6th October 2019

A hike in the White Mountains and a hike along the trail that leads to Mt Gigilos, the rocky mountain above the Samaria Gorge.

We set off early on Sunday morning to Omalos Plateau. We start our hike from Xyloskalo, at 1200m a.s.l. We follow the E4 European trail and pass by impressive rock formations until we reach Linoseli, the water spring on the way. We stop there and have a rest admiring the magnificent view to the mountains around and the plateau below us. Later we start our way back following the same trail.

It’s a relatively easy hike suitable for beginners with the basic gear.

Leader: Poltimi Christakou  •  Hiking hours: 4  •  Difficulty Rate: 1

Departure:06.00 from the Archaeological Museum.

Information – Registration: Monday to Friday, 20.30 – 22.30, at the Mountaineering Club Office, 53 Dikeosynis st, telephone number: 2810-227609.

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