a. Mt Psiloritis Trekking

Sunday, October 21st, 2018

A classic trekking that gives hikers the chance to experience Mt Psiloritis just before it gets covered in snow.

Our trek starts from Nida Plateau, at the altitude of 1400m a.s.l. and following the E4 European trail, we reach Timios Stavros, the mountain peak and the highest peak on Crete, at 2450m. Then we go down following a southeastern direction to Toumbotos Prinos Refuge of the Mountaineering Club of Rethymnon, at 1400m. We have a rest there and continue down along a wooded trail to the village of Fourfouras, at 500m.

Participants have to be very fit and experienced.

Leader: Michalis Lyratzakis  •  Hiking hours: 10  •  Difficulty Rate: 3

Departure: 06.00 from the Archaeological Museum.

Information – Registration: Monday to Friday, 20.30 – 22.30, at the Mountaineering Club Office, 53 Dikeosynis st, telephone number: 2810-227609.


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