Omalos – Koustogerako – Polyfimos Cave – Sougia

An exceptionally beautiful track in the woods that Starts from Seliniotikos Poros near Omalos Plateau. It follows the E4 trail until the chapel of Agia Ekaterini and then to Koustogerako village along a dirt road mainly. Then it follows the white-blue marks at first along a dirt roa and then along a path mainly in a treeless ladscape. It gets to Polyfimos Cave and then continues through a pine-tree forest down until it meets the coastal E4 trail, which leads us to Sougia beach.

There is drinking water only at the spring near Koustogerako and, of course, at the end, in Sougia beach.

It can be combined with geocaching, the hi-tech “treasure” hunt game.

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