April 2013


Prinos Refuge – A hike for children only

Leader: Anna Papadaki • Hiking time: 4 hrs • Difficulty rating: 1

We start our hike from Ano Asites village, at 485 m, on a country road at first and then on a path along a nice, small gorge up to the Prinos Refuge, at 110m, where we spend the night. During the two days up there we go hiking around, play games and learn orienteering.


Mt Selena

Leader: Eleni Bitsaki • Hiking time: 7 hrs • Difficulty rating: 2

We start our hike from Seli, at 790 m, following a dirt road at first and then a trail that leads us to Karfi Peak, at 110 m. Heading eastwards we reach the top of Mt Selena, at 1556 m, where we enjoy the breathtaking view. On the way down we head northwestwards until we reach the village of Krasi, at 600 m.


Mesonas Gorge

Leader: Aria Chatzivasili • Hiking time: 6 hrs • Difficulty rating: 2

We start from the village of Kavoussi, at 135 m, following up an old paved trail on the eastern side of Mesonas Gorge. Later, after a short hike on a dirt road, we visit the archaeological site of Azoria and then we follow an old, stone-built water pipe on the western side of the gorge. After we exit the gorge, we visit old, deserted settlements and reach a point a bit lower than Thripti Plateau, at 950 m. From there an old paved trail leads us back to Kavoussi village. Te whole track offers great views.


Kallikratis – Manikas Plateau – Skaloti Gorge

Leader: Nana Koutsandreou Hiking time: 6 hrs Difficulty rating: 1

Our hike starts from the village of Kallikratis, in the greater area of Chania, at 720 m, heading southwards along hardly existing paths. Passing over a hill at 930 m, we reach the picturesque Manikas Plateau, at 720 m, where sheep are bred. Then we follow a short dirt road and get down into the Skaloti gorge until the village of Skaloti, at 165 m. The Mountaineering Club of Chania participates, too.


a. Richtis Gorge

Leader: Anastasia Danalaki • Hiking time: 5 hrs • Difficulty rating: 1

An easy hike along one of the most beautiful gorges in the greater area of Sitia with much vegetation. We start from the village of Exo Mouliana,at 350 m. On our way we meet a picturesque stone bridge, impressive rock formations and beautiful waterfalls. The gorge ends in the inhabited beach of Richtis. We take the same way back.

b. Voulismeno Aloni – A rock climbing activity

Leader: Manoussos Poulinakis

A rock climbing day in Voulismeno Aloni near Heraklion, suitable for people who want to come into contact with the rock climbing activity.

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