Paranymfi – Ambas Gorge – Tris ekklisies – Paranymfi

Saturday 8th June 2024

A difficult hike in the Asteroussia Mountains that requires quite fit hikers who have no issues with heights and exposed paths. The use of headgear is compulsory.

We start from the impressive Ambas waterfalls and, using a very steep and narrow path, we go down to the sea level. We hike to the settlement of Tris Ekklissies where we swim and refill with water.

We continue westwards and follow a very old steep path with a breathtaking view of the sea, pass by the old monastery of Agios Pavlos, and end back in Paranymfi.

Leader: Nikos Diakos  •  Hiking Hours: 11  •  Difficulty Rate: 4

Departure: 07:00 from the Archaeological Museum.

Information – Registration: Monday to Friday, 20:00 – 22:00, at the Mountaineering Club Office, 53 Dikeosynis st, Heraklion, telephone number: 2810227609.



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