Kourtaliotis Gorge

Sunday 18th July 2021

A cool hike along the riverbed of Kourtaliotis river, one of the few rivers in Crete with water flowing all year round. We are about to walk and swim in its cool and gurgling waters, in the waterfalls and of course in the sea where the river flows, on the exotic beach of Preveli.

The route requires our attention because it includes walking in the water, between rocks and pools, so proper shoes and clothes (no sandals or flip-flops) are necessary, as well as dry clothes to change in the end.

Leader: Thomas Viskadourakis  •  Hiking hours: 6  •  Difficulty Rate: 2  

Departure: 07:00 from the Archaeological Museum.

Information – Registration: Monday to Friday, 20.30 – 22.30, at the Mountaineering Club Office, 53 Dikeosynis st, telephone number: 2810-227609.

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